Assemble The Men Sergeant!

13apr9:00 AM5:00 PMAssemble The Men Sergeant!Battlefield Hobbies, South March, Daventry NN11 4PH

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Hello, all fellow platoon leaders and budding officers out there, this is the rules pack for the Bolt Action starter event at Battlefield Hobbies where there will be a day of glorious armies and fresh-faced generals battling it out with their forces from around the world during World War 2.

This event is aimed at brand new players, new players to tournaments and those who haven’t played in a long time or are simply looking for an excuse to get into a new hobby or try out that new panzer division they’ve always side eyed!

As such this event is encouraged to be as casual and fun for all involved as much as possible with only some minor limitations put in place for list building and maximum incentive for theme.

All nations are permitted with only the following restrictions for list building:

  • 1000 Points Max
  • Generic Reinforced Platoons, “Armies of” Book, ONLY (No Armoured / Campaign Book Platoons)*
  • 13 Order Dice Limit
  • No Tanks / Vehicles Over Armour Value 9+ (Except Tiger 1s for Germany)
  • No Spam Of “Special, Theatre, Campaign” Units That Are Not From Any “Armies Of” Books (1 or 2 Max)*
  • No Warplanes Rules (This Time)
  • No Fortifications / Named Characters

*All lists will be checked prior to the event by the TO who reserves the right to deny any list that they feel is “un-sporting”, this is only to ensure a fair balance for the targeted newer players to have a good time as well as the more experienced ones, it is also understood that some factions / forces require certain selectors or units. Although rare please speak to the TO for any queries*

Army List Submission:

It is recommended and asked that all players use Bolt Action for list building, selecting Generic Reinforced Platoon for your nation, and then printing and sending as a PDF to the following Email Address: Once submitted you will get a confirmation on if your list is okay and welcome or if any minor changes need to be made.

Please also include any questions that you may have. *Don’t use the send to tournament function on the website*, Deadline is Wednesday, Lists will be locked Friday Morning at 00:01, after that, what you have submitted is what you use.

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Assemble The Men - 1 Day Bolt Action

Sold Out!


(Saturday) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM(GMT+01:00)


Battlefield Hobbies

South March, Daventry NN11 4PH